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Apr. 15th, 2009

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Apr. 14th, 2009

(no subject)

wow. so i kinda proved myself wrong because here i am again.

i shall seriously snap out of emoing over being misunderstood. it does no one good. and you of all people know that. so anyhow, we should just move on. and to quote hsin-yu, "it's because we're so different, that's why to make one smile, the other has to sacrifice. Our happiness is build on the sacrifice of the other. It's because we're so different, there's noone at fault."

yeah i totally agree.

and the only thing that will prolly make me the remotest bit happier is my weight loss. lol. and i'm about the break a barrier (:

yeah anyways i should stop emoing. i'm getting a headache. again.

and i realise that i sound so different from before. especially language-wise. extremely. when i read my previous posts, it kinda didn't sound like me. i think. oh wells. maybe i am schizophrenic. i think that's how you spell it.

i think i should continue with the poster.

yup i should.

(no subject)

DISCLAIMER: right. this is an absolutely rare event that will perhaps never be repeated EVER again. and by that i mean that the chance of me posting here is extremely MINIMAL. yup you got that right.

okay. so i have been gone for like, what, slightly over half a year and i was reading this dead thing and i realised that there are two new posts. wow! hahah. and i thank alynn (i think it's you) for um, let say, attempting to revive this dead space. oh wells. and i was reading my previous posts from long ago. and i realised that life back then was so much more slack than now. even though it didn't appear that way then. yeah you got that right.

and now that i've accustomed myself to working and working and working, when i get a break, it feels weird. like, out of the norm. like it doesn't belong in my schedule. and derrick asked me this last sunday: "how's your work load for the weekend". and i said it was nominal, bearable, on the slack side. and this is what he said: "it's been long since you've had that answer to that question". yeah it's true. which is why i said that when i have too little work (apparently it's not necessarily a good thing cos it makes me feel weird and all) i feel weird. and when i have too much work i complain. tsk. i'm such a complain queen aren't i. hahah.

oh wells. people always want what they cannot get. cos there's no such thing as a perfect workload. that'd just be weird.

and dneo was saying that we all treat different people differently. it depends on the degree of familiarity. the better you know a person, the better you treat him or her. and yeah i guess that's true.

well. emotions can change in a blink of an eye too. one moment you're happy the next moment you're pissed. like crazy. and the reason? for not being understood. ah wells. shit happens.

Feb. 18th, 2009

Stress, it piles up

We're all so stressed as the major examinations draw closer and closer.
Dear friends, do remember to take plenty of water and sleep sufficiently! 
Take good care of yourselves and remember to rest when you need to. We're after all, human, not robots. For a better revision time ahead, cheers! 

Jan. 18th, 2009


On Friday, we congregated at Michelle's house, for a time of gathering. Everyone except Xioa Hui and Elizabeth turned up, and we had a whole lot of fun, from talking crap to playing guitar heros to just sitting around doing absolutely nothing. It's really been a long time, since we last met up. Everything's just different. 2 years after separation from PL, and well, at least we're sitll in touch!

Time passes really quickly, and thank God for amazing friends. Many people have come and gone, but I believe our friendship will be able to last, even if we don't meet up for like 24783572 years. It's going to be a tough year ahead, but I'm sure, we all can sail through it.
I wonder, 10 years down the road, what will become of all of us? 

I hope to grab hold of some photos so I can post them on this "dying" blog!

A really old photo of all 10 of us!

Sep. 30th, 2008

(no subject)

Location: HAWAII

HSINYU[hy]: (barbequeing her fingers) zomg. look at the surfer. look at his abs! i think i can barbeque my fingers on his abs.

JY: ZOMG. i think mine already burnt. LOL.

HY: your eyes you mean. (GOOD. then i can look at the other hot guys all by myself :):)) eh what about your shawn. then you can't see him anymore. saddd.
JY: uhuh, yeah right. not my eyes. my FINGERS you doofus. which means that i already touched them. HAH. beat that.

HY: WHATTHEPONG. SHAWN!!!!!! LOOK WHAT SHE HAS DONE. (*points*) okay i'm gonna burn your scalp
JY: WTH. you retarded wonan. ZHANYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi. your husband has already turned into another hedda gabler.

HY: what the. i'm straightening your hair for you. at the expanse of my fingers. see lah i bet you purposely one. so i can't touch hot guys' abs. OMG look at that one. wait that looks like zhan yi O_O zomg. sizzling hot O_O.

JY: ZOMG. you're damn sick. HAHAHHAHAHA. you go do whatever you want with him. i don't care. I WANNA PLAY THE PIANO. THIS CONVERSATION IS FAILEDDDDDDDDDDD.


Aug. 11th, 2008

(no subject)

okay. i haven't been posting in awhile. not as frequent as before. so sue me. not that i'd care anyways.

it'll be a good break away from school - the bane of existence, to quote xy. except that she was referring to PW. and i had to suffer the whole time on the way to her house, listening to the endless babble and disgust directed at a certain subject that all JC students put in the most time for. and then she continues taking a stab at the system, complaining and whining over the fact that it's a pointless subject and that it shouldn't even be made compulsory, etc., well you get the drift.

and oh. life's not any better here you know. we suffer the hell. for two whole years. matter of fact. i think it's worse. crap. what i have i gotten myself into. some people say it's a two -year exam. whereas for the A's all ou do is just mug and cram everything before the exams and you'd do it. sucks that there are so many IAs. haiz. we're all enslaved by the system.

it's actually not the course that sucks. it's more the like system here and competitve environment that leads to the high level of stress found in every student who gives a shit about his future. i'm serious. to survive, you gotta have double degrees. and that is kinda the bare minimum. and it'll just get worse over the years, so i pity the next generation. and the ones after that. the system requires you to work hard to the core and it reduces you to a nocturnal creature staying up and doing work. and if that hasn't happened, it'll soon be - sooner rather than later. it's not just the system. it's the over ambitious nature of everyone here. and you can say that asians are overachievers. they set out on new projects and find that they have loads of things piling up on them. and that sucks when you realise that you can no longer handle it, and you give up sleep and all forms of social interaction to lock yourself up in your room, trying to complete the never-ending stack on assignments. you finish one after another,and realise that it's an endless journey - one that will drive you crazy eventually if you do not look out. no matter how much you do, the pile grows - and exponentially too. it's not a pleasant sight. you start to eat and breathe and study in the same air - in the spatial confinements of your room - which will turn into a sty sooner or later. you don't bother packing up before going to bed because a) you either fall asleep on your books and wake up in the morning to get ready for school, not bothering to pack up since you'd be using them again later, or b) you can't be bothered to pack up even if you actually do not fall asleep on your work - because you know that you'd use thhem again later. they're ultimately the same thing, yet different. and this eventually becomes and habit, and you live a life in approximately a ten square-metre habitat. it's disturbing, but you don't care. and because you get so caught up in actually doing your work, you don't spend time doing other things anymore. for instance, going out, or even making the effort to talk to your friends and family. you can't be bothered- or you simply just don't have the time - to open your mouth to start a conversation, and when one of them actually does it, you either a) scream at him and ask him to zip it or b) ignore him completely or c) grunt in agreement and rush back into the safety zone of your room. and the cycle repeats itself.

and i wonder why many people turn out like that. For example, many Singaporeans fail at job applications not because they don’t have the requirements – oh hell they do – but it’s because they don’t pass the interview. And why’s that so? It’s cos we don’t talk. It’s just the way we’ve been brought up. And how we’re moulded. And I’m not blaming anybody here. It’s just like that.

People say to balance work and play. Tell me how it’s possible to do that when you have a whole lot of work piled up on you, engulfing you every minute of your existence. And it accrues if you leave it out there for just a millisecond. Hence we all grow fatttt.

Lalaal. So that’s all nonsense. You can forget you read it.

Aug. 2nd, 2008

(no subject)

this blog is officially dead. i swear. but i jo-ey still attempts to get me to revive it. so here goes.

FOA yesterday. it was quite cool. it went well, the dancers too. oh. and i almost died. my heels almost killed me. hahah. walking the entire day in stilettoes is not a very wise decision. so that's one thing to learn. and now that it's over. i feel kinda weird. and it's time to get back to work, since we've all been missing lessons as of late, to go for rehearsals. lalalal.

and hilary and joyce are plain retarded. i swear they are. they gave me and shawn pandan leaves. WTH. oh wells. and mine was topped off with a cob of corn. hahah. it was pretty hilarious though. it was like a reunion of some sort. went out after that for "supper" at raffles place.lol. and i reached home at one plus =.= and i still had to go to school this morning. it sucks big time. bleah.

moving back in time, there was grad night. it was COOOOOOOOOOOL. and most of the squatters were there. all of us were damn high. class reunion ((: took LOADS and LOADS of pics. just go take a look at jo's blog. it's picture spammed. a nice contrast to mine - a void of photos. oh oh oh. and there's gonna be class outing SOOOOOOOOOON. can't wait to see everyone again ((:

going for band FOA later. so i'm coming back late again tonight. yikes. no time to do work.


whoa. i realise this is my shortest post of ALLLLL time. seriously. SUPER short. oh wells. show's that my brains aren't working any more.

oh and jo-ey. you'd better be glad i posted something just for your sake ((:

Jul. 8th, 2008

(no subject)

OMG. i went on a FIVE WEEK hiatus. nice.

so let's see what's new since joey's birthday.

a lot of stuff happened that i can't write down here. and i think i changed quite a bit. don't know if it's for the better or worse. or maybe it's both ways ((:

hm. there was choir camp, council camp, church camp, and i finaly got a break during the last week of the hol, which was spent by trying to mug in school with shawn and sengtiong and tanu. but it almost always turned out unproductive. or maybe it was just me.

and then CTs came rolling round and i had to mug real hard. like before. and chem totally killed me. i just hope that math would be enough of a consolation (:

went out with joey to watch Wanted. it was damn freakin awesome. but i hate the F-words. can't they be more implicit and subtle about it. it's gross how they just shout that word over and over again. it's BARBARIC. seriously. UGH. and because it was so good i watched it again the next day with shawn. HAHAHAH.

and now that CTs are over, we're all awaiting our results with quicken heartbeats. lol. results out on friday. there's council term that just started, and FOA to prepare for. a lot of stuff. oh yeah. and not to forget long overdue homework. HAHAH.

went to mediacorp today to support jon and ben's band. the lead singer is cute! hahah. i shan't comment on anything else less i get sued (: but it was quite fun. oh yeah. point to note: BOURBON PLUS COKE = COUGH MED. yikes.


Jun. 1st, 2008

(no subject)

HAHAH YEAHHH. i am back from my extremely long hiatus.

pre u sem absolutely rocks my socks ((:

it was cool. and fun. and sleepless ((:

my roomie's sherrie. CJ-er. i conclude that all CJ people where their skirts SHORT. yikes. hahahah.

our presentation actually went well. it was good. everyone laughed at the bird. LOL. but i have to say that some schools had really bad presentations. didn't get what they were trying to say. and some had suggestions that were really not feasible. FLEXICUBE ((: singapore's PSI will shoot up to 400 LOL. seriously.

and there were panel discussions. kinda boring. heh. no offense. i fell asleep during the second one. cos i was too tired. didn't sleep enough. the teacher caught me and had to wake me up.

there were games and stuff. the usual ice breakers. a big scale amazing race call Digital Chase in which we had to look for 2-D barcodes to get clues. then there was the filmfest thing. our LT screened Janji Joni. indon film. i'll go ask the indons when i go back to school. i thought the film was good. the ending especially. although it was fairytale-ish, it was subtle. so it's good. the subtlety. and the other stuff. except that i don't understand bahasa so i had to read subs the entire time through. and i got a headache halfway cos the images got too flashy and fast-moving. then there was the sandcastle building thing. quite cool. went to ECP and got burnt like crap. hahah. so now i am tanned once again. lost my tan and found it. oh wells. at least i didn't peel. just turned red. LOL.

SG 12 is COOOL. we are cool people. what with all the late nights and truth or dares and the sexual innuendos. gosh. it was fun. and our ultimate objective. and the company - Horny ltd. LOL. not pte ltd cos it has already gone regional. and i'm supposed to be the corporate laweyer =.= cos apparently i look like one. hahahah.

and i look like an air stewardess too. LOL. "have a safe journey". don't know why. must be the school u. and the HC teacher seriously loves it. don't ask me why. she got weiling to take pics of me and the school u and bomber jacket =.= she loves the non tucked-in blouse and the "cute" half pleats on the skirt. LOL. and she LOVESSSS the bomber jacket. HAHAHAH.

and nicholas seriously managed to squeeze into my jacket. cool eh. and i wore the RJ tie ((: everyone'll kill me for it. during closing ceremony we swapped blazers and cam whored in them like crazy. ahahah. seriously.

and we all didn't sleep. have i mentioned that? yup. so we died on the last day. but they all stayed up only the last night. i didn't sleep much the entire five days. about ten hours? something like that. so i'm trying to catch up.

and i'm off to camp tomorrow. AGAIN. i seriously have ZERO time left to mug for CTs. oh wells. i'll try my best ((:

gonna do some work and pag my bags now.



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